RDF / MSW | Frank Lill and Son | Victor, NY Frank Lill & Son, Inc. offers a full line of services to support your Municipal Solid Waste or Refuse Derived Fuel project. From fuel handling experts to back end emissions professionals, to our in house team of boiler/equipment erectors, our firm has the industry professionals to make your project a success.

Throughout our long history we have worked on multiple RDF/MSW projects throughout North America. No matter if you are looking for an EPC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), GC (General Contractor), CM (Construction Manager), DB (Design Builder), or Critical Mechanical Erector; Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is your contractor of choice when it comes to MSW/RDF power generation.

Some of our Past MSW / RDF Projects Include:

  • American Ref Fuel Corps Niagara Plant, Niagara Falls, NY - Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed total mechanical erection on this project. Project included all of the air pollution equipment erection, fuel and ash conveying equipment, ferrous/non-ferrous separation systems, power and process piping, as well as fan and breeching erection for the addition of two 1100 ton per day MSW boilers. Prior to the addition of these two new units Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed extensive maintenance and modifications to the existing Foster Wheeler boiler which was RDF fired. 
  • Covanta/Ogden Martin, Syracuse, NY - Frank Lill & Son, Inc. had the erection of all APC and axillary equipment from the boiler economizer outlet to the smoke stack inlet. Additionally, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed the boiler fuel feed conveyors installation along with the ferrous/non-ferrous metal system installation on this green field plant.
  • Westinghouse Project, York, PA - Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed a similar scope to the above referenced Covanta Project. Additionally, we performed major boiler circulation piping alterations on all three of the boiler units during major outages. 
  • Adirondack Resource Recovery Center, Hudson Falls, NY - This project consisted of two 400ton daily refuse burning Foster Wheeler boilers with a main steam of 910PSI at 750 degrees. Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed the balance of plant recovery work, consisting of all power plant piping, miscellaneous support equipment, all conveyors, instrumentation, etc., required to complete this waste energy facility. Frank Lill also set, aligned, and piped in a 20mw Elliot Steam Turbine. Setting and erecting all related mechanical pumps, equipment for plant utilities, steel for the cooling water pump house/pollution control house, and ash treatment systems also fell under our scope.
  • Occidental Chemical Corporation, Niagara Falls, NY - Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed major boiler outages on this facilities 300,000# St./Hr. refuse fired boiler.
  • Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has also performed multiple major outages in numerous plants throughout the northeast performing boiler and APC equipment repairs and alterations. These included extensive stoker grate replacements, waterwall and superheat change outs, refractory, and precipitator repairs and auxiliary systems repairs and upgrades.

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