Consulting / Pre-Construction Services

Consulting / Pre-Construction Services | Frank Lill and Son | Victor, NY

Since our founding in 1922, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has offered an extensive array of consulting and pre-construction services to the power generation community. Today our firm brings, cumulatively, hundreds of years worth of knowledge, know how, and practical experience to our valued customers and their complex projects.

We would be happy to provide these services to any aspect of your power generation project; including but not limited to:

  • Value Engineering
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Economic Viability/Feasibility
  • Constructability Analysis 
  • Project Schedule Development/Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Project Layout
  • Logistics Planning
  • Equipment and Technology Analysis/Selection
  • Procurement Services
  • N+1/N-1 Redundancy Evaluation
  • Debt/Equity Financing Consulting

No matter the size or scope of your power project, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has the skill set to help you plan, develop, and execute your venture at the very best value in the industry.

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