Outage / Aftermarket

Outage / Aftermarket | Frank Lill and Son | Victor, NY

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has gained recognition from both utilities and private industry for our ability to perform major maintenance services when outages demand a fast response and that work be completed under tight deadlines.

Some examples of Frank Lill & Son, Inc.'s recent maintenance projects include MTC & Outages performed at Upstate Power’s Somerset Power Plant, Upstate Power’s Cayuga Power Plant, TVA’s Cumberland City Power Plant, Cornell University, and Covanta MSW plant in Niagara Falls, NY.

Our typical maintenance/outage assignments include:

  • Total Outage Coordination/Management 
  • Major Tube Work: Carbon, Chrome, etc.
  • Water Walls, Economizers, Superheats, Reheats, Platings, etc.
  • Rebuilds: Burners, Pulverizers, etc.
  • Condenser Work
  • Air Heaters: Baskets, Seals, etc.
  • Ash Bottoms, Seal Trough Replacements
  • Major Ductwork and Stack Repairs
  • Fan Repairs, Rotor Change-Outs
  • Absorber Repairs and Header Replacements
  • Coal Conveyors and Hoppers
  • Emissions Compliance Upgrades/Repairs (Baghouses/Precipitators/SCRs/Scrubbers)
  • Ductwork/Expansion Joint Repairs and Change Outs 
  • Turbine Overalls
  • All Pipe/Valve and Associated Repairs 
  • All Refractory Repairs

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