Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has proudly serviced a myriad of industrial markets since our founding almost a century ago. While much of our work is performed in the power sector, Frank Lill also has vast experience performing projects for the process mechanical, petrochemical/petroleum, fuel transmission, and aftermarket sectors, to name a few.


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Oil / Gas

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is an industry leader in the Gas/Oil power plant construction market. To date we have acted as an Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contractor (EPC), General Contractor (GC), Construction Manager (CM), Design Builder (DB) or Critical Mechanical Erector...

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Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is proud to offer a full line of services to the coal fired power generation community. Throughout our rich history we have built, maintained, upgraded, and added on to some of the largest coal powered generating facilities in North America...

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Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of biomass power production. We have a wide array of experience in greenfield biomass plant construction, biomass conversions...

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Green Energy / Renewables

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is uniquely situated to help you with your renewable energy project. Our team’s experience and expertise spans many years and multiple disciplines...

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Frank Lill & Son, Inc. offers a full line of services to support your Municipal Solid Waste or Refuse Derived Fuel project. From fuel handling experts to back end emissions professionals, to our in house team...

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Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is fully equipped to help support your nuclear energy project. In the past we have performed various projects outside the containment field at different nuclear powered facilities...

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Frank Lill & Son, Inc.’s University portfolio is second to none. With a list of successfully completed projects reaching across the U.S., it is clear that Frank Lill & Son, Inc., as a company, understands...


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Heat / Steam

For almost 100 years Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has been involved in the design, construction and maintenance of central heat and steam plants all over North America. Whatever your steam usage or need...

Process Mechanical/Petro Chemical

Natural Gas/Liquid Fuel Transmission

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Natural Gas / Liquid Fuel Transmission

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. is uniquely equipped to help with your natural gas and liquid fuel transmission project. We are thoroughly equipped to help our valued clients in the fields of compressor station construction, pump...

After Market/Outage Services

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Outage / Aftermarket

Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has gained recognition from both utilities and private industry for our ability to perform major maintenance services when outages demand a fast response and that work be completed under tight deadlines...