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Kodak Breaching Project
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. performed a general contract to furnish, erect, and insulate all of
 the breeching required to tie a new 500,000# St./Hr. boiler (Boiler #44) and an existing power boiler into a new concrete chimney. This breeching, which had dimensions of 6’x12’ and 8’x10’, was fabricated entirely of 1/4” thick plate and 10” channel materials. Our Contract involved the total erection of approximately 300 tons of this ductwork. The demolition of an existing Gunite lined steel stack was also included as a part of this project.

Kodak Building #321 Contracts
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has performed multiple contracts at Kodak’s Building #321. These contracts include the renovation of the Building #321 coal unloading facility/rail house, and the installation of 100% of Building #321’s conveyed ash piping.
We have also performed several thousand feet of various piping across Kodak Park and Building #321. This includes a variety of process and transmission projects, including large bore (24” & 36”) and overhead transmission piping such as steam lines, chilled water piping, and ultra high purity piping.

Kodak Fuel Oil Tank Project
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. executed the design, fabrication and erection of a 150,000-gallon capacity fuel oil storage tank.

Kodak Building #38 Project
Frank Lill & Son, Inc. was the Prime Contractor on the Building #38 Melt and Delivery Project. This project included an extensive amount of electro-polished stainless steel piping. This high purity melt and delivery system included over 6,000 welded stainless steel joints, many of which were welded utilizing orbital welding units.

Kodak Boiler Conversion Project
Frank Lill & Son performed the conversion of (2) Keeler CP boilers from coal to natural gas by installing Peabody Burners. We also removed (2) other existing Keeler CP boilers, and installed (2) new Keeler DS 38,500# St./Hr. package boilers.

Kodak Temporary Boiler Project
Most recently, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. provided and installed a Cleaver Brooks 200hp temporary boiler for building heat at the Hawkeye Plant as well as other balance of plant piping and equipment.

Other Kodak Contracts
In addition to the aforementioned projects, Frank Lill & Son, Inc. has performed several other contracts throughout Kodak Park in Rochester, NY including:

  • Various projects in Kodak’s Silver Recovery Building

  • A new turbine driven chiller installation project

  • Several projects involving alterations and repairs to various precipitators throughout Kodak Park

  • Various piping maintenance and repair projects 

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